Body/ Bento Hands : Lara Meshbody v.4.1 from Maitraya

Bento Head : GENUS Project from  GENUS Project

Eye Applier: Hellfire from  TBL@Event Item The Mad Circus 4Start 6th Oct. and ende of the Event 31th Oct.

Body /Head Applier :  Dusk from 7 Deadly s[K]ins   @Event Item Black FairStart 5th Oct. and ende of the Event 19th Oct.

[Please scoll down for Closeup Pic]

Hair: Batty from TRUTH

Ring: Illuminati Ring set from (Yummy)  

Nail Applier: First from Beauty Passions[ Info Follow]

Tattoo: Medusa from -Endless Pain Tattoos-

Nose Septum : Haruna Piercing *19*  from Bauhaus Movement @Gacha Event Item  *Old* Lootbox Event.

Dress/Shoes/Necklace:  Deise from ENIGMA APPARELUP!

Start 1st Oct. and ende of the Event is the 15th Oct.

Backdrop : Limelight (Black) RARE[#MOOD Gacha]  from Foxcity


Lounger[Where he sits on it]:  =Edric= *Adult Version, with Animation Singel, Couple and Sex* from ..::OA – M.E.O::..Swank

Start 7th Oct. and ende of the Event is the 31th Oct.




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